Welcome to my webpage. Here’s some info about myself.

Within the past few years, as a producer and/or remixer, I have worked  with following artists, such as: Loona, Mickie Krause, Dante Thomas, The Weather Girls, Ratet El Roman, Lou Bega and many more.

The perfect production starts with the perfect studio performance. That’s why I work with the best session players in the United States and I’m frequently recording at various studios in Los Angeles and Miami.

For more budget orientated projects, I also use great German session players. I have lived in the U.S. for a while, I graduated from high-school in Sacramento (California) and I do speak perfect english.

The most important thing is having a great team.  Most of the time, we work through the internet,  although the personal contact with them is real important to me, that’s why I’m frequently travelling to the US. Here are my session players from LA and Miami.

I don’t have to say much about TIM PIERCE. He’s played on almost every hit-album, which has been released in the past 25 years. There’s really no big artist, that he hasn’t played for. We’ve known each other and have worked together for more than 10 years. Wow !  That’s a long time.  🙂

Here’s a few pictures, that I took at Tim’s place.

I use DAN WARNER for my latin music productions. He has played for Enrique Iglesias, Luis Fonsi, Ricky Martin, Mika, Madonna, Kelly Clarkson, , Eros Ramazotti and many more.

This is  a picture with Dan and me at Dan’s studio in Miami.

My session drummer is KENNY ARONOFF, who has played more than 300 million sold units. A great drummer and a great buddy. That’a me and him at Kenny’s studio in Los Angeles.

My buddy Marty O’Brien is an amazing bass player. He has played for Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Ben Moody, Kelly Osbourne and many more.

That’s me and him at a recent recording session in Los Angeles.

One of my favourite studios in LA is the Atrium Studio, which is Tommy Lee’s studio located in his private house.  At Atrium, I produced an album for a newcomer German artist, while Tommy was on US tour with Motley Crue. My studio team for this album was KENNY ARONOFF, MARTY O’BRIEN and Avril Lavigne’s band’s guitar player DEVIN BRONSON, who I’ve worked with on several projects.

Hier ist mein Studio: